Goncharova: The win was tougher to take than expected


Unstoppable Nataliya Goncharova led Russia to another victory

Bari, Italy, June 18, 2016 - Russia's star and opposite, Nataliya Goncharova, was the leading player of her team in a match against Thailand. Russian admits that despite recording another perfect score, Russia fought harder than expected to win.

Danai Sriwacharamaytakul, coach of Thailand: "We met a tough team indeed, with both strong attacking and blocking. In the third set we faced some difficulties because we lost our focus we'll try to do better tomorrow".

Nataliya Goncharova, opposite of Russia: "We took this win not that easy as we expected. Thailand as well as all the Asian teams are very good on defense".

Wilavan Apinyapong, captain of Thailand: "Yesterday we were happy and had much fun at the beginning. Then we realised the situation was not up to us nor to the organization. Still, we are happy to have the opportunity of facing Italy again on next Monday. We'll trying our utmost. Despite this inconvenience, this was a positive experience indeed".


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