Vande Broek - Brazil's serve is the best in the world


Belgium coach Gert Vande Broek praised its rival Brazil

Macau, China, June 18, 2016 - Belgium coach Gert Vande Broek shared his disappointment after a loss to Brazil. He admitted his team shouldn't make some of their mistakes at this level and praised Brazil's performance on serve. 

José Roberto Guimarães, coach of Brazil: “We served really hard today and we blocked better than yesterday which was the main difference. Today Jaqueline (Pereira) and Gabi (Guimarães) played which was a great boost to everybody in the team. I really like the way our team played today.”

On expectations before the match against China tomorrow: “China have a very good and young team, and for us it is very important to play against them, to see their players and to observe their performance and current form. We need to play very well tomorrow, we have an advantage with our blocking, but they play with a higher tempo. Zhu Ting is a great player and we will see how the match goes tomorrow.”

Gert Vande Broek, coach of Belgium: “I was disappointed yesterday, because we made mistakes that we cannot afford to make at this level. Today I think we improved our game. We won the first set, partly because Brazil made some errors, but credit to us as we worked hard and made fewer mistakes than yesterday. In the third set there was a lot of pressure from the serves of Brazil which gave us problems with our reception, but I cannot be disappointed with that as Brazil’s serves are the best in the world. Sheilla (Castro) played particularly well today and scored some very nice points. We have to accept this defeat, but we have also gained confidence for the next match.”

Fabiana Claudino, captain of Brazil: “Today we had a better performance than yesterday. In the first set we committed some mistakes, but we managed to recover in the following sets. We will put up the best performance for the match against China tomorrow.”

Charlotte Leys, captain of Belgium: “I am proud of my team today because we played a better game than yesterday. We played at a better level today and got one set which is very important for Belgium to stay in Group 1 of the FIVB World Grand Prix. We made a great effort to kill the ball against them but they blocked very well.”


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