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Finals and Preliminary Round - Group 1

Finals - Host Cities and Venues:

Host country: Thailand

Thailand made their FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix debut in 2002 and have participated in all but the 2007 edition since. Their best World Grand Prix performance came in 2012 when they finished fourth in Ningbo, China.

In 2013, Thailand finished 13th in the World Grand Prix but celebrated victory in the Asian Championships for the second time after their 2009 success. They also triumphed at the 2012 Asian Cup and have 11 victories at the South East Asian Games, where they have taken gold in each of the last seven tournaments.

The year 2016 will mark a significant milestone for Thailand as they host the World Grand Prix Finals for the first time, after successfully hosting several preliminary round pools in earlier editions.

Host city: Bangkok

Bangkok is the country capital known for its busy metropolis, its ornate shrines and vibrant street life. Thailand is known as a volleyball-loving country, and Bangkok is known as a centre for top-level international sports competitions like the FIVB Volleyball World Grand Prix. Thousands of people will gather in the city to see world-class volleyball athletes play. This year, Bangkok will host three other teams in the Preliminary Round, but also welcome the top five teams in the competition in the Group 1 Finals. In club volleyball, Bangkok is home to Asian champions Bangkok Glass VC. The club recently brought home the title from the 2015 Asian Women’s Club Volleyball Championship in Vietnam.

Venue: Huamark Indoor Stadium

The FIVB World Grand Prix Finals will take place at the Huamark Indoor Stadium. The indoor stadium has a capacity of about 6,000 and is used for boxing bouts, concerts, volleyball and other indoor sports events in Bangkok. It hosted World Grand Prix Preliminary Round pools for three consecutive years from 2013 to 2015 – all attracting numerous spectators. 

Preliminary Round - Host Cities and Venues

 Country City Competition Hall Capacity
 Week 1 - 10-12 June 2016
 China Ningbo Beilun Sports and Arts Centre
 Brazil Rio de Janeiro Carioca Arena 16'000
 Russia Kaliningrad  DS Yantarny 7'000
 Week 2 - 17-19 June 2016
 Macao Macao Macao Forum 4'054
 USA Long Beach Walter Pyramid 5'000
 Italy Bari Pala Florio 5'000
 Week 3 - 24-26 June 2016
 Turkey Ankara Baskent Volleyball Hall 7'600
 Hong Kong Hong Kong Hong Kong Coliseum 12'500
 Japan Kyoto Shimadzu Arena Kyoto 6'500
6-10 July, 2016
 Thailand Bangkok Indoor Stadium Huamark 13'000


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