Belgium made us learn a lot, says China captain Ruoqi


China captain Hui Ruoqi says her side need more consistency

Macau, China, June 17, 2016 –China captain Hui Ruoqi says that their 3-0 World Grand Prix win over Belgium wasn’t easy, but that they learned a lot from the experience.

“I feel we played well today,” she said. “But there were also problems and many ups and downs during the match.  The upcoming matches will possess more challenges for us, so we need to make adjustments to our play.  Belgium are a great and exciting team, and we also learnt a lot from them today.  I wish we can make good use of what we learnt today for the two remaining matches.”

China assistant coach An Jiajie added: “As coach Lang Ping is not feeling well, I am attending the press conference on her behalf. Despite the win today and our consistent serves, we still have work to do on other parts of our game.  Our players made some unnecessary mistake on defence during the match, especially when Belgium were chasing up on us. Belgium are an excellent team with great fighting spirit as they showed in the third set, and we had to play well to restrict their comeback. I wish we can improve on our game and eliminate unnecessary mistakes in the remaining matches this weekend.”

Belgium captain Charlotte Leys said: “Congratulations to China, they played a very good game with their good players.  They also have some great tactical combinations and we did not have an answer to their play.  I am a little disappointed as we did not play to our best level today. We need to search for some solutions and hopefully we can find them this weekend.”

Belgium coach Gert Vande Broek said: “I am satisfied for the fact that we kept fighting, especially in the third set. However, I am also disappointed, not because of the result as China are a strong team, but because the kind of mistakes that we made are avoidable.  Some of our plays are too predictable and I think we could have done more than what we did today, even though  I know these kinds of mistakes are typical for a young team.

“We had a very experienced setter who left after serving 15 years in the national team and we are trying new players at two or three different positions.  We need to work on the mistakes that we made which were unacceptable at this level.  All in all, I am satisfied that we kept fighting but the quality of our games must improve.”


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