Enright contributes to Puerto Rico's victory over Canada


Puerto Rico found their energy and quickly scored a second victory in 2016 FIVB WGP Group 2B tournament in Zielona Góra, Poland

Zielona Góra, Poland, June 4, 2016 - Yesterday’s winners Puerto Rico made short work of team Canada, winning 3-0 (25-18, 25-11, 25-16) as Stephanie Enright starred with 13 points won.

Coach Juan Carlos Nunez’s players showed a great collective effort at the same time visibly enjoying the game, with Stephanie Enright standing out in the score charts with 13 points, including three blocks and two service aces.

Puerto Rico quickly gained the upper hand at the beginning of the match. Canada did everything to keep up with the pace set by the opponents and showed some true dedication in their defensive attempts, but just could not prevent to fall behind. Puerto Rico kept scoring away and quickly arrived at a score of 25-18.

Not only did Puerto Rico carry their momentum into the second set, but they seemed to be stepping up the game, going 8-2 in front at the first technical time-out. All fundamental elements of play were simply working better on the Puerto Rican side but in spiking the difference was huge, with large contribution from Stephanie Enright. For a moment Canada was in serious danger of ending up with a one-digit score. They eventually managed to cross the 10-23 line but that was the only comfort they could get before the set concluded at 25-11.

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Canada tried to redeem themselves in set three. They scored the first points and kept leading 8-7 into  the first mandatory break, but that changed 180 degrees at the second TTO 16-9 for Puerto Rico, as coach Nunez’s players found their rhythm once more. Their smiles said it all and before long the game was sealed at 25-16 in Puerto Rico’s favour.


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