Argentina's Las Panteras presented ahead of big summer


Argentina will start the World Grand Prix on home soil in Tucuman on June 3

 Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 21 – An official presentation has been held for Argentina’s women’s volleyball team – "Las Panteras" – ahead of a busy summer that will see them compete in the FIVB World League, the Pan-American Games and, for the first time ever, the Olympic Games. 

The Argentine Volleyball Federation (FeVA), National Sport authorities and a large number of journalists were on hand to greet the athletes at a luxury hotel in Buenos Aires.

The players and coaches were presented to the cheers of those in attendance.

FeVA President Juan Antonio Gutierrez pointed out the importance of the path the girls are going down.

“This is a very exciting day for Argentina volleyball,” he said. “This is a presentation of a team that is outstanding both on and off the court. We are very proud and all Argentina sport is proud that Las Panteras will be representing Argentina at the Olympic Games. We want to thank everyone and each of the people who have supported us, and we must keep supporting them because Las Panteras are a mirror for all children.” 

Coach Guillermo Orduna thanked those who have helped the team over the years: “Above all, I want to thank the application, dedication and daily work of the players. To be part of the Olympic Games Rio 2016 is a huge step. I feel that we made our Olympic dream come true, but now our new goal is to keep growing and improving. What we must face during this demanding season is very important and we must do our utmost for the future. As I always tell the players: ‘We must work for better results.’ ” 

Team captain Emilce Sosa commented: “To qualify for the Olympic Games has given us the power to concentrate more in training and do it with happiness. I want to thank the whole team for the determination they’ve shown. Now, we only have to enjoy it and try to raise Argentina to as high a level as possible.”

A video was shown of Las Panteras training before soprano Sol Quesada sang “The Show Must Go On” by rock band Queen. 

The team will play Bulgaria in a friendly international on May 27 in the lead-up to the opening of the World Grand Prix on home soil in Tucuman on June 3.


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