Group 2 Prize Money

Participating teams will be awarded prize money by the FIVB according to the following breakdown
Preliminary Round 
(each Pool) 
1st Place                  US$ 30,000.00
2nd Place   US$ 25,000.00
3rd Place    

US$ 20,000.00          

4th Place      US$ 15,000.00

     Final Round         1st Place  US$ 50,000.00
2nd Place US$ 40,000.00
3rd Place  US$ 30,000.00
4th Place US$ 20,000.00

The total prize money for the 2016 WGP Group 2 will be:

Preliminary rounds: 4 pools US$           360,000.00

Final Round: 4 teams US$                      140,000.00


TOTAL US$                                         500,000.00


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